Company Information

Mills Commerical Real Estate Group, LLC, offers third party services that can be directly responsible for maximizing asset value. Professionals who have a proven track record of success and can make a difference lead our company. Our objective is to envision our client's needs and manage their properties as if they were our own.

These services offered by Mills Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC, would encompass the full spectrum of skills needed by owners and users of real estate to maximize their investment value. This would include expertise in Property/Facilities Management, Leasing Services, Transaction Management, and Construction Management, with customizing each owner's personal goal.

Real Estate transactions today involve all manners of complications and require knowledge and ability in Finance, Environment, Development, Regulations, Market and end-users.

Mills Commerical Real Estate Group, LLC, provides personalized service, and many different approaches to managing properties let us design one that suite your property needs.