Property Preservation & Maintenance

Mills Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC is a full service property management company. We have been in business for over 25 years, providing consistently superior preservation and REO management services. Our property management, preservation and REO services experience ranges from industry parks, mini storages and commercial centers to shopping centers and residential properties.

In order to provide an even wider range of services to our clients, Mills Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC has strategically teamed with other professional businesses to offer immediate access to a team of construction managers, general contractors and professional engineers who are available at a moment’s notice to assist in securing or repairing your facility.

Our team of construction managers will quickly solicit multiple competitive bids from the appropriate trade contractors to ensure that you receive the lowest cost from a qualified contractor. Mills Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC will make certain that all work is performed in accordance with the HUD Property Preservation Guidelines.

Mills Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC also has extensive experience working with FEMA during natural disasters and will use this experience to benefit your properties. We will provide an assessment of your properties immediately following a natural disaster and begin plans for remediation.

Mills Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC, we pride ourselves on offering our clients multifaceted expertise, while providing our clients with the specialized guidance and individualized attention they deserve.

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What Services Interest You?

– Service of Notice(s) to Tenant

– Preparation of Court Papers and Attendance at Court

– Officials Arranged to Remove Tenants

– Re-Keying

– Lock Changing

– Repair Broken Windows and Doors

– Vacuuming

– Mopping Stone/Tyle Floors

– Sweeping

– Bathroom Cleaning Services

– Clean Counter Tops

– Cabinets

– Appliances

– General Interior Cleaning Services

– Interior

– Exterior

– Hazardous

– Lawn Care

– Yard Cleanup

– Disconnection Water Meter

– Clearing Plumbing Lines

– Preparing for Storm Events

– Occupancy Verification

– Borrower Interview

– Loss Draft Inspections

– Patching

– Interior

– Exterior

– Property Repairs (Minor or Major)

– Vehicle Removal

– Utility Coordination

– Temporary Repairs to Protect Interior of Structure from Damage

– Property Inspections and Assessments

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